A Somali Girl Goes on a Date With a Drug User

My new loveI must admit, I am slightly embarrassed to tell my story–but I need to be open and transparent on my blog. This interaction took place about one month ago. I have recently taken up the sport of golf (yeah kinda weird for girl) and was hitting balls at the local driving range. All of a sudden a cute guy came up to me and asked if I’d like to go on a date. Well, he didn’t say that right away, we hit balls and chatted for a while before that.

The upcoming weekend we meet for a couple of drinks and some food in San Francisco. I must admit I was having an awesome time and were really getting to know each other. The next couple of weeks flew by and we saw each other a few more times. As we got closer to each other we opened up about our personal lives. I told him about my Somali life and how challenging it has to be a civil American. He told me about his love for sports, but there was more…

All of a sudden he told me that he smoked marijuana (yes–THC). He said that he loved to get high. I was shocked. As a Somali coming from Africa–escaping–I felt he was given such an easy life. He had all the talent in the world to live a great life, but he chooses to waste in smoking weed. I decided to give him a chance and change his ways–we have been having too good of a time.

Then he told me about his upcoming urine drug test. He had applied for a job to help pay for his college tuition. Here’s where I lost all respect: he wanted to cheat on the test–he wanted to use powdered urine. For anyone who doesn’t know (I was completely unaware before this website) check out the top synthetic urine reviews. Again, he wanted to cheat the system!

Now, I want you to chime in. Would you continue to date a person you really connect with knowing that they want to cheat a drug test? I will say that another friend of mine said that marijuana wasn’t that bad of a drug–and in California it is sort of legal anyways. Obviously, it is not technically legal, but it has become a big part of the California way.

Will love win?

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From Somalia To America – My First Friend

Somali First FriendI arrived in the San Francisco area with some savings, and was able to find a decent apartment. My English has always been good, so getting around hasn’t been too bad. But, as soon as I got settled in my new place, I was left with no one to talk to. Sure, I can hop online and start a chat with almost anyone—but that is not the same as meeting someone face-to-face. I decided to go for a walk, ultimately finding the closest Starbucks. I was nervous to place my first order, as I had only watched this on TV. The barista was so kind, and kept asking me about my situation. I told her that I had escaped from Somalia and was looking for a new life in America.

I didn’t want to disrupt her from working, so I sat down and had my black tea. After the rush of customers died down, she came over to me and said, “my name is Lauren”. She told me that her shift was about to end, and that she would like to come sit down and talk more. Now, it was about five o’clock, and I was getting hungry. Lauren sat down and listened to everything I had to say. I also sat there and listened intently to all the things she said. She was so interesting!

After about an hour of fun chatting, we decided to go get some food. She was feeling adventurous, and said we should eat in San Francisco. I had never been to the big city before, so the thought of this was overwhelming. We took the Bart train, which is a public transportation method. We had to go under the water, which was a scary feeling.

A Fun Video about Friends :)

When we got to the city it was freezing. This was the middle of what they call “summer”, and it felt like the coldest day. I am from Somalia, and it is hot almost all the time. I asked Lauren if San Francisco was always like this. She replied by saying there was a famous quote by an actor. She couldn’t remember the name, but it went like this: the coldest winter I ever had was a summer in San Francisco. It is crazy how windy and foggy it gets; people are bundled up in jackets in July!

I asked Lauren what type of food we were going to be eating, and she said Italian. I told her that I had never had any Italian food. We sat down at the restaurant and ordered. The dish was absolutely amazing. It was so rich and made me full so quickly. Lauren sat across the table and smiled; she seemed so happy to have met a new friend.

Since then, Lauren and I have hung out many times. While I now have many more friends, she is still ,my best friend. She was so nice and asked for nothing in return. I was all alone my first hours in America, and she made me feel so comfortable. Her birthday is coming up soon, and I plan to surprise her with great presents.

I’ll have more stories as I continue to get settled with my new and exciting American lifestyle.

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Drug Testing Facts: The Somali Civil Way

Having smoked weed for almost thirty years, I’ll admit it isn’t easy to pass a hair test. I’ve managed to dodge my fair share of urine drug tests, but hair tests are a different animal. They can detect drug use as far back as one year!

Having said that, there are a few things to consider–not all hope is lost. While the tests are designed to capture past drug use, they aren’t that great at capturing minimal use. This appears to be particularly true with marijuana. The reason? The test is looking for spikes, or relatively high dosages over a time span. While it’s hard to tell the threshold, let’s say the odd puff or two won’t hurt you. The test is designed for the heavy smoker; that’s the type of use that will show up on the test.

Okay, let’s assume you smoke than just a tiny bit. Start by checking out http://m.wikihow.com/Pass-a-Hair-Follicle-Drug-Test

If that doesn’t work, you can always shave ALL your hair. Seriously, it is kind of a dead giveaway; but, it technically gets the job done. If the drug administrators don’t have around 90 strands of hair at 1.5 inches–well–they are kind of screwed. Again, you will have to face the awkwardness that comes with this decision. The drug testing facility will probably look at you and think “Wow, this guy must be covering up something.” And imagine if you interviewed with a full head of hair, only to show up day 1 being completely hairless. I think this option depends on one’s personality. Personally, I could not stomach it.

Then, there is good old “Drug Test Friend”. It’s a formula that has been all over the Internet. Users rave about the success when used for urine tests. I believe it can work for you too.

If you’d like to read full reviews, check out these sites:


One more thing: don’t but the detox shampoos. They only clean up the outside of the hair follicle; the test will still pick up drug use. Most of the toxins are actually inside the root of the hair strand.

I’m still waiting to hear from people on whether hair test friend is legit. Please let me know what you think.

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Drug Test – What Measures Can You Take?

Drug Test Passing

Most of us want to have fun at work and get as much out of our jobs as we can, and our co-workers and the way that we interact with them can make a big difference to that. If you don’t get along with your fellow employees it can affect the way you feel about your job and the following tips can help you to keep the morale in the office positive, and make every work day a party day.

You can make friends and win the respect of your co-workers by being prompt and on time, both when arriving at work and to meetings, and in responding to emails and phone calls. You may also find that your boss is more inclined to offer you a promotion if you are always on time and are where you should be. It doesn’t take much effort to greet your co-workers and smile nicely at them, but this is one of the most important things that you can do and it can lead to positive relationships. Your body will produce endorphins when you smile and these can act as natural painkillers.  You may find yourself needing to pass that next drug test.  For more information always refer to this site.

If you are shy and introvert, it can be difficult to engage your co-workers in small talk, although it is worth it, and this can include discussing family, hobbies and goals. In general, people will open up and be more relaxed and comfortable with you when talking about subjects such as these, and your co-workers are no exception. Don’t forget to talk about yourself too! Of course, not everyone wants to open up and you may find yourself working with people who are reluctant to do so, or who are otherwise difficult. If this happens, keep your cool as losing it can get you attention you don’t need, from your boss as well as from those you work with. Always keep calm when dealing with difficult people or in stressful situations in general; this can also benefit you if your goal is to get promoted as it is seen as a good leadership trait. One effective way to deal with that annoying co-worker is to imagine that your significant other or children are in the office with you; ask yourself how you would behave if that were the case?

Although listening to gossip can be fun, gossip can be damaging and lead to mistrust and arguments, and you should do your best to avoid being a part of it. Be polite but firm, and tell the gossiper that you are just not interested in someone else’s office romance and remember that gossip can actually lead to someone leaving, being fired or the boss getting to know about it.

Your co-workers will like and respect you more if you give them sincere and positive reinforcement for a job well done; this can be refilling the coffee machine or putting paper in the copier. Offering praise to co-workers and pointing out their achievements to your boss is also a good thing.

Nobody wants dreary and unpleasant days at work, and the above tips can help you to have fun at work instead.

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Should Your Employer Be Allowed To Drug Test You?

Niacin FlushWhether your looking for your first job as a high school student, or you are a seasoned corporate veteran, your prospective employer may require you take a drug test.  Is this fair?  It’s a heated debate that has people thinking strongly both ways.

We do not believe the employer has the right to perform a prescreen drug exam as a prerequisite to employment.  While we do not support the use of drugs, (of any kind, which includes caffeine and alcohol) the choices a person makes outside of work should not hinder their chances of employment.

Marijuana and alcohol have long been compared as equals in the land of drugs.  But are they?  Would you rather have an individual drunk stupid around your neighborhood?  Imagine if he hops in his car and starts driving recklessly; and your kid that plays basketball on the street?

Have you ever successfully passed your test with little time to spare?  Niacin has been rumored as an effective way for stoners to pass their tests.  If you are looking for a no frills solution then we recommend the niacin drug test approach.  They aim to provide the best solutions for people that are looking to pass and start working.

Marijuana smokers are the exact opposite of harmful.  They take their puffs and laugh; possible fall asleep and forget to take out the trash.  A harm to society?  I think not.  And why does it matter 12 hours later when the alarm clock rings and you fly off to work?  It shouldn’t.

Detox With NiacinThe fact of the matter is this – people are going to act the same way regardless of potential drug use.  A sharp and on-time employee will be always act that way, independent of the life they live.  Someone who shows up to work late will always be that kind of person; drugs or not.

If you have any comments or insight, please drop us a line below.

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Journalists Leave Somalia For Work

Somali JournalistsSomali Civil Society says the key to success is support.  Until Somalia gets the support it needs journalists will continue to leave the country. They want a career where they are not forced to cover or not to cover events that concern the citizens of Somalia.

Some of the general statistics on Somalia  are as follows.


1.  The capital of Somalia is Mogadishy

2.  The population as of July 2011 was 9,925,640

3.  The religions practiced in Somalia is Sunni Muslim.

4.  The official language of Somalia is Somali. Other language used is Arabic, Italian and English.

5.  The literacy rate in Somalia is 49.7% for men and 25.8% for females.

6.  The president of Somalia is Transitional Federal President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmedn.

The civil war in Somali for the prior twenty years destroyed the Somali press as journalists left the county. They went to the United States and Europe looking for not only employment but security as well. When the majority of journalists left there were only two papers left in operation the Xog-Ogaal and the Dalka. Xog-Ogaal is a privately owned newspaper while the Dalka is state ran.

According to the Media Sustainability Index (MSI) of 2012 politics in Somalia have changed dramatically. The country has been relatively calm, yet in 2012 there were at least six journalists killed. Prosecutors still have not identified the gunmen and as such has caused others to leave the country in fear of their lives.

What little peace there is has given the media a little improvement it is still not enough. In Puntland the government itself is continuing to harass the media. Other institutions that support media are basically non-existent. There are no laws to govern protection of the media and the civil laws are not followed.

When it comes to women there is very little media representation. Women are relegated to just reading the news and if they work for the media they are put into correspondent positions.

Civil CameraWhile the printed media does not seem to be doing so good radio is growing. There have been numerous new stations coming on air. There has also been the first state television network start since the previous regime collapsed. While this television network is watched in urban areas private satellite television has grown in other areas.

While the number of newspaper is only two there are twenty radio stations and three television stations. The circulation for newspapers is estimated at 800 for the Xog-gaal and 500 for the Qaran.  Television covers approximately 1500 households that watch television.

Because of the chaos that has governed Somalia journalists lack the basics to do their job. They lack:

1.  Training

2.  Equipment

3.  Professional Ethic

While opportunities are returning they are not returning fast enough. Somalia’s MSI has stayed basically unchanged from the MSI score in 2010.  Journalists self-censor themselves as they are still afraid for not only their life but that of their family. Government is still ordering journalists to stop covering events.

Journalist lack equipment in order to transmit over large areas and owners have no incentive to purchase new equipment. Until they are not afraid of loosing their equipment they will not buy any as they cannot afford to invest in better equipment.

Since media agencies will not invest in better or more equipment the journalists remain low paid.  With threats of harm, poor equipment, and little pay it is no wonder journalists fled the country. They are looking for better careers along with safety for themselves and their family. It is only journalists whom work for international agencies that earn decent wages.

Somalia does have a little diversity in news sources. With new media sources citizens are becoming more aware of current events. Most of the news  media dos rely on the internet to get the news spread. It is the citizens who live in urban areas that receive better coverage.

One of the main problems with the media being harassed and forced to not cover an event citizens get conflicting reports of what is happening. This causes a lot of confusion among the country. Yet, it seems that the public is listening to the warnings on security issues. If the media reports that a security sweep is going to take place in a certain area the citizens do avoid that area.

While there are no laws governing the import or distribution of media equipment there are still barriers of economic isolation because of the chaotic security that is taking place in many areas. Those that do support the private sector still give levels of service that are both erratic and ineffective. This causes a lot of employee turnover. As Somali Civil Society states support is the key for success.

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